School Closures Highlight Ongoing Safety Concerns

Edinburgh school closures following the end of the Easter break as a result of safety fears again highlight the need for more stringent controls and measures for safety in schools.

17 schools and a community centre, including 10 primary schools, 5 secondary schools and 2 support schools have been closed indefinitely affecting around 7,000 pupils. The schools, which were built under the £360m Edinburgh Public Private Partnership, were closed as a result of concerns over construction standards.

Andrew Burns, leader of the City of Edinburgh council said he had ‘no option’ but to close the schools and has led to calls for an inquest into schools built under the PFI scheme.

The issue were first recognised in January when, due to ferocious winds, a wall collapsed at Oxgangs Primary School. The knock-on inspections revealed three other school buildings that have walls not built to industry construction standards. The buildings in question were built over ten years ago by Miller Construction.

The worry is how these blatant errors in construction by the building contractor went un-noticed and the timing is of particularly high inconvenience to a number of students who are entering their exam period.

At Safety Pads, we know that the safety of children and staff in schools is of paramount importance that is why we pioneer to create safer school environments for children. Often, only retrospective action is taken to make places safer after an accident has happened, act early and ensure that all environments are fun and safe places to be.

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