At Safety Pads, we provide impact resistant foam padding for columns, posts and walls for car dealerships, showrooms and car parks which reduce the risk of accidental damage to cars and the consequence of uninsured losses. We can custom-make pads to fit any shape or size to neutralise your potential risk zone and have standard cylindrical and rectangular pads which are easy to order using our quick quote form.

We have worked with the Bentley and Ferrari car garages providing safety padding for the posts in their car showrooms to prevent damage to cars including car doors opening onto the columns.

Let’s state the obvious: cars are expensive. They are expensive to build, expensive to maintain and expensive to repair when they get damaged where even the slightest dint in the door of a brand new sports car can cost a dealership thousands of pounds to fix.  That’s why we help you protect your cars in showrooms, dealerships, garages, car parks and compounds all over the world.

Our affordable, bespoke solutions come delivered by a highly-skilled team that provide branded, durable and industry-leading safety equipment in the automotive industry.

Our experience in the automotive industry

We have years of experience in helping the likes of Aston Martin, Bentley and Enterprise Rent-a-Car protect their most important assets: their vehicles. Whether they are parked in a showroom, in a compound or in a storage facility, we have made it our business to protect the cars against accidental damage and, therefore, protect the organisations against the often astronomical costs of repairs.

How can Safety Pads help?

  • Prevent car doors getting damaged by installing protective padding
  • Save thousands on repair bills for damaged vehicles
  • Improve safety for all visitors to your premises
  • Create extra branding opportunities with wall and post padding
  • Enhance building aesthetics with our printing services


Bespoke solutions

Our service often comprises a number of different products to find the perfect safety solution for you. With a fine-tuned attention to detail and advanced research and development activities, we don’t just settle for protective padding and a bit of Velcro. We measure every last detail of your problems and always start from scratch to create the one and only solution for you.

No two products of ours are the same, which is why we pride ourselves on our unrivalled versatility. On top of our industry-leading safety solutions, we also offer bespoke branding and printing services, so you are guaranteed to get more than you bargained for with our all-in-one packages.

Why choose Safety Pads?

There are reasons we are the market-leaders. We do everything ourselves. We make the products in Britain to an unrivalled quality; we do the research and development behind every solution; we even make the protective foam ourselves. Our heritage with heavyweight brands such as Aston Martin and Bentley puts us head-and-shoulders above the rest when it comes to understanding the pain points of the automotive industry. Put simply, we care about your cars as much as you do, so we’ll do everything we can to help you protect them.

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