Even the slightest dent in an aircraft can be enough to cost a fortune in repairs . Tens of thousands of pounds, often per hour, are spent on fixing damaged, grounded aircraft, so protecting them at all costs can save airlines and airports a multitude of unnecessary costs both on the ground and in the air. That’s why we champion safety so you can operate efficiently.

Having worked with some of aviation’s biggest names, we are the most trusted and experienced provider of safety solutions in the industry.

Our experience in the aviation industry

Over the years, we’ve sweated over the smallest of details in the aviation industry. When it comes to protecting aircrafts and, you can never be too careful. This is why some of the world’s most iconic and widely-used airlines and airports entrust us to protect their assets. We’ve provided padding for everything from aircraft steps for British Airways to helicopter pads for super yachts for Héli Riviéra, so it’s fair to say that we know what we’re doing. We’ve put years of graft into researching and developing the very best solutions for the abundance of problems that the aviation industry faces every year, so we care about the safety and protection of your aircraft as much as you do.

How can Safety Pads help?

  • Save thousands on unnecessary repair costs to your aircrafts and airport property
  • Care for the surface and decking of your helipad with protective padding
  • Create advertising opportunities for additional revenue streams
  • Make your airport construction sites safe with wall and post protectors
  • Secure the safety of your aircrafts and all the passengers they carry

Bespoke solutions

Damage to aircrafts can’t be predicted, so we need to be reactive to a wide range of scenarios. Every one of our solutions is tailored to the specific needs of protecting your specific aircraft or airport equipment. We also need to be proactive when it comes to pre-empting and preventing damage that might cost tens of thousands to fix. By our nature and that of the aviation industry, safety solutions are seldom the same twice, so we employ the experience of our skilled team of specialists to create very specific solutions to the problems at hand. It’s our job to worry about aesthetic safety solutions so you don’t have to.

Why choose Safety Pads?

Having worked with some of aviation’s biggest names, we are the most trusted and experienced provider of safety solutions in the industry. We take great pride in our hands on approach, so we’ll come to you to discuss the problem you’re facing and measure to the exact specifications required to find the solution for the protection of your aircraft and assets. It’s all bespoke, so we entwine research and development with our production process to continually improve and keep up with the advancements of the aviation industry for your benefit.

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