We provide real impact absorbing foam filled, highly durable products for the leisure industry, from padding for columns in Skiing and crash mats for martial arts, Full Trampoline Park fit outs to tyres and plyo-boxes for gyms we do it all, simply let us know your requirements by giving us a call and we will find the solution. With in house Screen and digital print for your brand or bespoke designs.

High-octane fun can take many people’s minds off high-impact injuries in a wide variety of places of leisure. Activities from skiing to dancing, gymnastics to martial arts, Trampoline Parks to Parkour all have the potential to cause injury if they are carried out in unprotected environments, so we provide the safety padding products to help you maximise the fun filled enjoyment and minimise the risk of accidents.


Our experience in the leisure industry

We love to play as much as we work just as much as the next guy, but we know an unsafe leisure environment when we see one. We’ve helped many a company make their gyms, dance halls, snowzones and even chambers of horror much safer places for people to make some memories. A visitor who leaves a place of leisure with a bad memory and an injury is unlikely to return, so we’ve been lending our experienced hands to the leisure industry for years to help more and more people enjoy themselves and more and more businesses retain their customers. Our tailored safety solutions lead to happy visitors for you and happy customers for us, which is evidenced in the amount of repeat business we get.


How can Safety Pads help?

  • Prevent injuries to your visitors on your leisure premises
  • Protect your staff against injuries sustained in the workplace
  • Prevent damage to your property and save on repair costs
  • Improve the aesthetics of your premises with tailored printing
  • Create advertising opportunities for extra revenue streams

Bespoke solutions

Every type of leisure activity presents its own risks to its participants. Skiers might accidentally crash into chairlifts on a ski slope, whilst revellers in the chamber of horrors at Madame Tussauds might throw themselves into a row of iron bars in sheer fright, so we simply have to be completely adaptable in the leisure industry. We endeavour to get to the heart of the problem before we can begin to create suitable safety pads for your site. Everything we do create, from the foam to the branding, is created here by us, so you know you’re getting a completely personalised solution to your safety hazards every time.


Why choose Safety Pads?

We’ve been providing safety solutions for the leisure industry for years, so we’ve heard accounts of all sorts of injuries in all sorts of fields. This experience has allowed us to develop and tailor industry-leading products to very specific scenarios over the years, so we can adapt to anything and everything in leisure. There is, however, nothing leisurely about our approach to finding the best solution for you. We work painstakingly to ensure complete, longstanding, personal satisfaction with the durable safety pads that we install for you, so we guarantee professionalism and dedication from the very beginning of our relationship.

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