We have a range of safety pads for schools, nurseries and colleges that are made from high impact absorbent foam and feature hard-wearing waterproof and flameproof rip-stop covers. Safety pads can be custom-made to fit any shape or size to protect potential impact zones and we also have a standard range of square and cylindrical columns which you can order using our easy to use quick quote form.

We have a wide range of bright and colourful covers that are easy to maintain and replace. We can also brand them with your school or nursery logo. We can help you with padding for posts, poles, columns, walls, corners, floodlights and more and our turn around is second to none.

A nursery, school or college must be as much a place of safety as it is a place of learning. Such institutions are often under intense scrutiny when it comes to the health and safety of pupils and students, so it goes without saying that all exposed posts, pillars, corners and columns must be protected to avoid injuries, bad publicity and expensive litigation.

We are experienced in providing safety solutions for everything from tennis courts to trampolines and swimming pools to ski resorts for educational institutions. It’s our mission to protect the safety of children in such important environments.

Our experience in the education industry

We’ve worked with schools all over the world to protect the health and safety of children. In Belgium, St John’s International School in Waterloo was seeing injuries to volleyball players during matches in its gymnasium, so we padded out its entire gymnasium to protect them.

The gym protection pads provided the perfect solution to putting the fun back into the game and the safety back into the school. In Yorkshire, Cliff Pre-Preparatory Nursery School in Wakefield had children running into exposed walkway posts in its playground, so we fitted our bespoke protective padding to the posts to protect them. Our safety solution comprised brightly-coloured foam post protectors that were covered in PVC, so the school and its children could enjoy a brighter, safer environment every single day.

How can Safety Pads help?

  • Protect children from injuries sustained by exposed posts, pillars, corners and columns
  • Improve the safety of your school or college for all visitors
  • Save money on repairs and building maintenance
  • Improve the appearance of your school or college with bespoke printing
  • Create advertising space for additional revenue streams for your school



Custom Made solutions

We take the safety of your pupils and students very seriously, so we can custom make pads to suite your needs. Every institution has different safety challenges, from exposed corners of brick walls to exposed posts in playground walkways, so we develop the exact safety solution that you need to protect your students and visitors.


Why choose Safety Pads?

Our team of specialists is well-versed in providing safety solutions for educational institutions around the world. We have a wide range of products and a level of innovation that is second-to-none. You’ll get an solution that perfectly fits the bill.

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