We are the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of Rugby Post Protectors. But, whether you require rugby post protectors or cricket boundary padding, football perimeter fencing padding or tennis floodlight protection, we do it all and we know it all like the backs of our safety-conscious hands. The sports industry is our heritage. It’s where we redefined safety solutions for some of the world’s most prominent sports clubs and competitions.

We are the undisputed experts in providing safety padding solutions for sports around the world and we’re very proud of the fact that we do it all ourselves in Britain, from research and development to the production of the protective foam itself.

Our experience in the sport industry

We’re proud of our heritage, but it wouldn’t exist without our team of dedicated experts. For years, our specialists have provided safety solutions for a wide variety of sports, so they’ve prevented injuries to footballers as much as they’ve protected skiers on the slopes. The Rugby World Cup’s post protectors were made by us. Manchester City Football Club’s state-of-the-art training complex has our safety stamp on it. Sporting stars the world-over have benefited from the safety provided by our bespoke solutions. Everything we do is bespoke, in fact, so no two solutions have ever been identical. This means that our experience is vast and our versatility is second-to-none in the sport industry.


How can Safety Pads help?

  • Protect sportspeople against high-impact injuries from posts, fences and walls
  • Comply with health and safety of sporting organisations
  • Create advertising space for additional revenue streams
  • Improve the appearance of your sporting facilities
  • Save money by preventing unnecessary building maintenance

Bespoke solutions

Rugby players, tennis players, footballers, cricketers…every sportsperson requires a different type of protection against their surroundings. That’s why we make every solution unique to the sport in question. We make our safety pads to the exact dimensions required to solve the problem at hand, so we simply have to start from the ground up every time. This means that you are guaranteed to get the correct safety solution that gives you the best possible outcome in an entirely bespoke manner (even down to the printing and branding, if you should need it).

Why choose Safety Pads?

Our track record speaks for itself; we’ve worked with the Rugby World Cup, Hong Kong Sevens and Manchester City Football Club to protect players against high-impact injuries. What’s more, we’ve also provided safety solutions that create opportunities for high-impact advertising, too, so there is more than simply safety to be gained from a bespoke package from Safety Pads.

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