Basketball Padding

We are a UK leading manufacturer & supplier of impact resistant, foam padding for basketball posts and backboards.

Safety is paramount in the sporting world, and is taken seriously across the board. Basketball is no exception to this, and although it’s not a contact sport, the speed and intensity of the game make it more physical then it may seem.


Basketball involves athletes engaging in highly advanced positions and postures, resulting in them primarily focusing on what’s going on in the game, rather than what’s going on in their environment. So it’s an easy assumption to make that, players are no stranger to getting injured and that could cost you the game, but ultimately your players.

As you can imagine, injury prevention is an important aspect to the sport, and luckily for you we’re experts when it comes to the subject. We’ve been providing Basketball Post Protectors for years, and when you combine them with our wall padding you’ve got yourself the ultimate safe haven.

Our protective padding prevents players from colliding with the pole when driving to the basket, or diving for a loose ball. Cushioning the impact with the post will reduce the amount of injuries, showing your commitment to health and safety regulations. They are perfect for either indoor or outdoor courts and can also be an ideal way to show off your club colours or open up an advertising space.

What are Basketball Post Protectors?

Basketball Post Protectors are a foam-filled padding that shields the players from getting injured, but protects and maintains the structure of the post.

Bespoke Solutions

At Safety Pads we put our heart and soul into finding the best solution for you- and usually no two solutions are the same. Our experience outshines other suppliers, and our expertise make us a trusted and reliable company. Depending on your requirements we can supply a whole range of sizes of padding for posts, ensuring that they conform to industry regulations.


  • Prevents injuries to players
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Fully flameproof and waterproof

Why choose Safety Pads?

We pride ourselves in producing and providing high-quality safety solutions that make your environment an injury-prevention place to be. We understand how important this topic is, and our experience and knowledge promises to deliver you a bespoke answer to your problem.

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