Car Protectors

A great amount of care and attention is put into the building, appearance and maintenance of cars, only for it all to be undone by accidental impacts with unprotected walls, corners, columns and posts in showrooms or garages.

Accidents happen, we all know that, but accidents involving expensive cars can be damaging to more than just the cars themselves. The interior of the premises sustains damage and the financial standing of the garage or dealership sustains damage due to subsequent repairs.

We make sure to minimise the risk of all of the above by installing bespoke car protector safety solutions in your garages and showrooms, so your financial worries can be lessened and the appearance of your new cars can be maintained from the moment they are driven onto your forecourt.

What are car protectors?

Car protectors are a safety solution that provides protective padding for new and used cars in garages and showrooms. Cars often sustain accidental damage due to unprotected columns, posts and walls, so car protectors help to protect company property, prevent injury to staff and visitors and save money for the garage or dealership in the long run.

Bespoke solutions

We know that every garage and car showroom presents its own safety issues, so we tailor all of our solutions to your premises to prevent accidents. Nearly a third of our solutions are provided after an accident has happened, but this allows us to develop a deep understanding of how our bespoke solutions can prevent them for your cars in the future.



  • Protect your new cars from accidental damage in the garage or showroom
  • Reduce the risk of injury to your staff and visitors
  • Save money on repairs and building maintenance
  • Create advertising space for additional revenue streams
  • Improve the appearance of your garage or showroom with bespoke printing and branding

Why choose Safety Pads?

We’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the automotive industry, including Aston Martin and Bentley, so we know how expensive it can be to fix even the smallest of marks on a car. Moreover, we don’t stock off-the-shelf products, so our ability to combine a variety of safety pads to meet your exact requirements puts us a step ahead of the competition.

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