Corner Protectors

Corners of walls, scaffolding and fencing can be dangerous parts of any site if they are left exposed. Construction workers, Sportspeople, and schoolchildren alike can sustain significant injuries by colliding with a corner, so it’s of paramount importance to make sure they are protected with corner padding.

Corner Protectors/padding help to cushion the impact and, therefore, drastically reduce the potential for injury to people or damage to property.

You might have a sportsperson to protect on the field of play or you might have a brand new car to protect in the showroom; the solution to exposed corners is always safety padding. As part of a combination of safety pads, we use corner protectors to help you protect everybody who sets foot on and uses your premises.

What are corner protectors?

Corner protectors are a safety solution that helps to prevent injuries and reduce the impact of accidents involving corners of walls, fencing, scaffolding and other structures. They are used in combination with other safety pads, such as wall protectors, to ensure the safety of visitors to premises and the protection of company property and assets.

Bespoke solutions

Every safety issue in every industry is different, so we simply have to be bespoke in our approach. We don’t sell corner protectors as off-the-shelf products because we make all of our safety pads from scratch to fit your requirements. From the foam filling to the Velcro fastening, we do it all ourselves.


  • Protect everybody who visits your site from injuries
  • Prevent damage to your company property
  • Save money on repairs and building maintenance
  • Create advertising space for additional revenue streams
  • Improve the aesthetics of your premises with bespoke printing and branding

Why choose Safety Pads?

Our rich heritage and bespoke approach mean that we always combine experience and innovation to find the perfect safety solution for you. We’ve provided corner protectors for construction sites, schools and sports venues across the world, so we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to helping you protect your staff, visitors and company property.

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