Impact Protection

Impact injuries and damage can take place on any kind of site. Schoolchildren suffer injuries in the schoolyard, construction workers suffer injuries on construction sites and brand new cars suffer damage in car showrooms. Sometimes, it’s just a fact of life that accidents take place, but measures can be taken to reduce the amount of damage they cause.

Safety pads provide impact protection in a variety of scenarios, so you can ensure that all people and company property are protected at all times.

The bespoke padding solutions give you peace of mind that, if a car door does get opened onto a column or a member of the public does trip and fall into a wall, any impact will be dramatically softened and the likelihood of damage or injury will be significantly reduced.

What is impact protection?

Impact protection is a means by which an organisation can prevent injury to people and damage to property on its premises by installing safety pads to dangerous places. It comprises a combination of safety padding products to make places of work, leisure or education safer places to be.

Bespoke solutions

Our experience in a wide range of industries means that we can adapt our impact protection service to just about any scenario. Every request we receive is different, from safety solutions for jumbo jets to protective padding for the chamber of horrors, so we have to create new and, therefore, tailored safety solutions every time.


  • Protect people against injury in the event of an accident on your premises
  • Prevent damage to company property by installing bespoke safety pads
  • Save money on repairs and building maintenance
  • Improve the appearance of your premises with bespoke printing
  • Create advertising space for additional revenue streams

Why choose Safety Pads?

We’ve helped British Airways protect its planes, Aston Martin protect its cars and Manchester City Football Club protect its players, so we’ve seen and done it all over the world. We apply our own research and development to ensure that our safety solutions consistently provide the best possible protection against impacts in your industry.

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