Netball Post Protectors

Safety Pads is a distinguished market leader in providing safety solutions for the sporting industry, and one our areas of expertise lies in Netball.

In 2013, Netball Post protectors became compulsory to indoor and outdoor courts and our industry knowledge means we know safety solutions like the back of our hand. Unlike in football or rugby, a netball goal is confined to a tight space and play can often intensify, so a protective padding around both posts is essential.


Our England Netball team is currently ranking third in the world and just over half of those who participate in the sport are involved in competition. This puts Netball 7th in the top ten most injury prone sports, so as you can imagine injury prevention is a hot topic.

Not only can it protect players from colliding with the goals during a game, but it is also beneficial for extending the life of the posts, shielding it from natural elements and wear and tear. They can also be viewed as an opportunity to showcase your school or club colours, or a chance to generate extra revenue through advertising and sponsor opportunities.

What are Netball Post Protectors?

Netball Post Protectors are a layer of protective foam padding that excels in protecting both the players and the post from harm’s way.

Bespoke Solutions

Our years of experience, combined with our expertise in the court makes us a leading supplier of Post Protectors. Our safety pads come in a wide range of heights and in a standard size of 50mm thick, conforming to UK legislation. However, we can also tailor them to fit international standards of 80mm thickness depending on your requirements.


  • Protects players and the post
  • Velcro fastening makes it easy to attach and detach
  • Fully waterproof and fire retardant
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Available in a wide range of colours

Why choose Safety Pads?

At Safety Pads we take providing solutions very seriously, which makes us a trusted and reliable company to work with. Our experience and track record showcases our passion to deliver you a bespoke solution that’s individual to you. Not only do these Post Protectors prevent player injuries, but provide you with a chance to exhibit your brand colours or earn extra revenue through advertising opportunities.

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