Trampoline Padding

Prevent bad falls and nasty injuries with our made-to-measure Trampoline Safety Pads. We produce our safety pads to your exact measurements using high-impact foam and durable rip-proof PVC covers to ensure that your customers enjoy the safest trampoline experience of all.

We can transform your trampoline safety pads into something really eye-catching… create padding that enhances your trampoline park both physically and visually. We can produce padding in your company colours and print them with your logos, text or advertisements.


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High-impact FOAM core

Trampoline padding aims to prevent injury from falling or landing on the hard metal frame of the trampoline. It's a high-impact activity which requires a high-impact material. Durable high-impact foam forms the core of all our safety padding. Foam is far superior to other materials when it comes to shock absorption - which is why our trampoline safety pads are the best.

Durable PVC covers

We use the highest quality rip-proof PVC to create durable and long-lasting safety pads. Our covers are WATERPROOF, FIRE-RETARDANT and WIPE-CLEAN, which is ideal for maintaining hygiene in your trampoline park.

Print and Customise

We have a huge range of PVC cover colours to choose from, to ensure that your Trampoline Safety Padding fits in seamlessly with your brand. Our in-house print team can embellish your safety pads with logos, designs or even advertisements. This is your chance to get creative and maximise the potential of your new safety padding.

Esteemed UK manufacturer

We produce all safety padding in our British Factory - we know these pads inside out. Which is why you can be 100% confident that they will do the job and protect your customers.



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