Wall Protectors

The health and safety benefits of wall padding/protectors are invaluable to many organisations in many industries. Trust us, we’ve seen it all over the years. From people injuring themselves in sports facilities and leisure centres to Aston Martin’s sustaining expensive damage to doors opened onto showroom walls, there are countless wall padding safety solutions in our repertoire.

Walls don’t appear to be major obstacles in most environments, but it often takes an accident to find a solution to a problem that was previously hidden to those who operate in them.

We make the best wall protectors in the industry, so we can proactively prepare for accidents that haven’t happened and reactively reduce the likelihood of accidents happening again.

What are wall protectors?

Wall protectors are part of a safety solution that prevents injuries to visitors to premises, minimises damage to company property and assets and saves businesses repair and potentially litigation expenses. At Safety Pads, we incorporate wall protectors into our entirely bespoke safety packages in aid of accident prevention for all kinds of industries.

Bespoke solutions

No two safety hazards are the same in any industry, so we don’t supply wall protectors as off-the-shelf products. We tailor them to your needs and use them with a combination of safety pads, such as post protectors and corner protectors, to find the safest and most reliable solution to the problems you’re facing.


  • Prevent injuries to people on your premises by protecting your walls
  • Protect your company property and assets against unnecessary damage
  • Save money on building maintenance and repairs
  • Add durable and reliable protection to your exposed walls
  • Create advertising opportunities for additional revenue streams

Why choose Safety Pads?

Our unique manufacturing process ensures that we produce the highest quality products in the marketplace. We also have years of research and development in a number of industries under our belts, so our knowledge is vast and our experience far-reaching. This ultimately means that you are guaranteed a safety solution that is exactly right for you and your unique situation.

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